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Production process and products
Numaoy Raimaijon Co.,Ltd. is the first pasteurized sugarcane juice company in Thailand, located at 203, Moo 6, Krab Yai Sub-district, Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi 70190. The company currently has 26 employees, working from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 17:00 pm. There are 3 main products of the company, including pasteurized sugarcane juice, pasteurized sugar cane jelly and pasteurized sugarcane milk.

Most company’s products are sold in the form of sugarcane juice frappe. There are 2 parts of the company’s customers, namely franchise and general customers.

The company has received the standards as follows: Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for cleanliness, Halal food standards and community product standards. Integrity by maintaining product and service quality standards is the main ideal for running a business. It has been praised and shared on various media, such as TV shows, magazines, etc. We will continue to develop for consumers, as stated in the motto “From farm to the city” and “Raimaijon sugarcane juice… health-rich consumers”.

Product characteristics : Raimaijon Co.,Ltd. produces various products for consumers as follows.

100% pasteurized sugarcane juice: Sugarcane juice freshly extracted from Suphanburi 50 sugarcane specie, sterilizing via the pasteurization system, delivering authentic sweet with aroma. The product will be produced in sizes of 1,000 cc, 180 cc and 150 cc.

60% sugarcane juice blended with milk (pasteurized): Pasteurized sugarcane juice blended with natural cow milk, sterilizing via closed system pasteurization. This product has high nutritional value. The combination of milk and sugarcane juice makes its unique flavor with natural sweetness, no fishy smell of milk. The product will be produced in sizes of 1,000 cc and 150 cc.

80% sugarcane juice mixed with sugar cane jelly (pasteurized): Pasteurized sugarcane juice mixed with sugarcane jelly produced from sugarcane juice as recommended by the Institute of Food Research and Product Development, Kasetsart University, delivering sugarcane juice jelly with an exotic flavor, softer texture, non-sticky, with sugarcane juice aroma, which is different from the general coconut jelly. The company is the first manufacturer of sugarcane juice jelly in Thailand. The product will be produced in sizes of 5 kilograms and 180 cc.

Service characteristics : Raimaijon Co.,Ltd. has expanded its business through a franchise system. Those interested in doing business can purchase franchise business at various distribution areas, with complete equipment for sale. At present, the business has expanded throughout Bangkok and its surrounding provinces, and also expanded to provincial areas and other regions as well.

Additional information : Sugarcane juice is a natural product from squeezing sugarcane to obtain fresh sugarcane juice with 15% natural sugar, rich in minerals and vitamins, calcium, potassium and iron. In addition, fresh sugarcane also has medical properties that help in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Fresh sugarcane can help strengthen the stomach, kidneys, heart, eyes, brain and reproductive organs. It was found that sugarcane juice benefits the patients with fever and loss of body protein, as sugarcane can increase the amount of protein and minerals needed for treatment. There are also benefits in the treatment of urinary tract infections and kidney disease by mixing sugarcane juice with lemon juice, ginger juice and coconut juice. For the treatment of hepatitis, sugarcane juice can be mixed with lemon juice, which must be freshly prepared and clean. Moreover, sugarcane juice also helps to keep the teeth clean and strong, as well as helping to increase appetite and nourishing eyesight in the case of inflammatory eye diseases or glaucoma.

From the current world with more awareness towards health and natural lifestyle, the demand to develop natural sweeteners that are good for health is therefore interested in sugarcane juice, one of the beverages that have all the qualities of being natural extracted juice and good for health. The extracted sugarcane juice will have different properties according to the product form.

Source: Research paper of King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi