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Pasteurized Sugarcane Juice

Pasteurized Sugarcane Juice


Packaging size 1000 cc. Product code 02-0000-010
(Pasteurized sugar cane juice 100%)
Pasteurized sugar cane juice Packaging size 1000 cc, power 500 kilocalories.

Benefits of sugar cane juice
The sweetness of sugar cane juice is beneficial in helping to add energy to the body immediately after drinking. Especially for those who are tired Drinking a glass of cold water can make you feel more energetic. Because sugar from sugar cane will increase the level of sugar in the blood. As a result, the body has energy immediately. Cold sugar cane juice has a sweet taste from natural sugar obtained from sugar cane, helps to relieve heat, quenches the thirst for the body as well. Sugar from sugar cane is natural sugar. That has various nutrients and vitamins together There is also an antioxidant such as polyphenols that help fight inflammation. The sugar cane juice soothes the throat and helps to expel the mucus. In addition to moistening the throat Cane juice also helps to cough. And can relieve sore throat as well However, should drink warm water instead of cold water

Product shelf life
100% pasteurized sugar cane juice. Packaging 1000 cc.,
Has a shelf life of 20 days under 4 degrees Celsius (6-12 months under freezing temperature).

Additional information

Weight 1 kg